Jun 28, 2005

Arts & Crafts pillow - complete!

Finally I have finished the pillow for my future in-laws, who love Arts & Crafts style:


It's hand-embroidered on silk with cotton DMC floss. I used a Vogue pattern transfer that I bought a couple of years ago. I warn you, if you want to do this, you have to trace the pattern on the silk yourself because the ink transfers right through the fabric when you iron it.

The stiches I used are simple satin, chain, and padded satin stitch. Here's a detail:


Stay tuned to see if I can finish some linen napkins for them for Christmas.....


Blogger Dani said...

Oh I love it! How beautiful... I need to figure out how to embroider something better than a letter :) They are going to love it!

Anonymous Lee Anne said...

This is just beautiful! I read Dabi's blog and had to pop over to check yours out as well. You are one talented gal! I can't believe you did that pillow by hand...oh my you have patience!


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