Jul 1, 2005

first sock (1-3.2005)

Here's my very first sock in progress:

First Sock

I started them after Christmas and finished them just as it became too warm to wear them out. The shade of green is really great and the yarn has little flecks of teal and yellow. Three skeins made two socks long enough to wear with motorcyle boots:

{insert pic later}

I had a significant amount of yarn left, so I could've made them even longer. Damn.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

hi amanda got refferd by dani, i enjoy reading new blogs:) love the color of your first sock! watch out socks are addictive!!!

Blogger Dani said...

I love the color too! How fun! I see specks of blue in there too! You'll have to try out my tiger and/or watermelon dyed sock yarn next time I see you! Yep, I just got sucked into the acid dyes :)

Blogger Janette said...

Congrats on the socks!! I've finished a single toddler size sock, but that was several months ago! Eventually a mate will be knit and they'll be sent off to CIC. I'm so impressed with all of your many skills! That pillow is beautiful..and even that does do it justice.

Blogger Ashley said...

Hey Amanda--re your comment on my blog, that is EXACTLY why I started making socks toe-up: I would always have leftover yarn and then be mad that I hadn't used it all up.

All your projects that you have posted here are amazing--esp the art deco pillow. I can't wait to see more!


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