Jul 7, 2005

Bed of the Beast (Fall-Winter 2004)

Another thing I made this winter was the Princess Snowball Cat Bed from S&B for my little beast. He really snuggled up to the base as I was making it:

New Bed Under Construction

I just knew he was going to love it when it was finished. After I made the sides in a denim-colored Fun Fur and Wool-Ease, he slept in it all of 1 hour. My parents' dog does love it. I gave it to him, so there are no photos of the completed project.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

the little beast is soooo cute! looks like he lovin' the knittin' too:) so are you gonna make another w/o the fun fur? i saw that in SnB and loved, but i don't have any furry friends to put in it. guess i could make two for the kiddos;)

Blogger Dani said...

I made one too! I made one too! I love that picture... Teak is so cute!


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