Apr 26, 2006

I really am trying ...

... but this is where my mind is:


Rock Star sent me a whole sequence of Teak sucking up to Barley, just to end in a big crunch on the ear.


Update: This is nice to see when I log onto my author submission page, though:

I really like that word live!


Blogger Chris said...

I particuarly like that first picture of Barley!

Live manuscripts = better than dead. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Sophie needs a pet cat. She has fascination with them, and desperately wants to give them love. The feeling is generally not mutual.

Alas, Mr Moe would need to be on a benadryl IV drip if we had a kitty in the house. Comatose husbands are not a barrel of monkeys.

Congrats on a living manuscript. Mine is still a zygote.

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Well, if we're gonna run with Moe's metaphor, we're technically just looking at the first trimester.

...and I'm still feeling vomitous but excited about the end result.

Blogger DancingFish said...

It's alive!!!!!!!

Blogger Ashley said...

Bailey seconds Sophies opinion: she just wants a kitty cat to luuuurve on. Cats seem not to realize this, however.

There is only one word for that kind of earbiting, by the way, and that word is CRONSHE!

Blogger MeBeth said...

OUCH - poor Barley! I hope they make peace (or find separate corners) soon.

Blogger Peevish said...

That's adorable.

Oddly, when I saw 'live manuscript', I immediately thought 'good lord, does that mean there are zombie manuscripts??'. But then I realised there probably are.

Blogger RheLynn said...

so very cute the sucking up to bite on an ear! ;o) Our cats have a sister who has convinced 'her' dog that he is her permanent ever-ready throw pillow, chew toy and face-washing kit. ;o) ;o)


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