Jul 8, 2005

what's worse then babysitting a UNIX script?....

... babysitting it when it isn't working.
Which is what I've been doing all week.
Now things decide to crunch along, but it's Friday night and I'm ready to escape... Sweet Basil's in town!

Here's my latest finished project, the'lunch bag' from the latest Rebecca Home issue. Just ignore the bad data and food detritus that's surrounding it, but note the cell phone for scale:

lunch? bag

Knit with my old favorite - Lamb's Pride.

My question to the ggh folks is, what kind of crappy lunch are you supposed to carry in this?!

Maybe I'm just a pig.


Blogger Dani said...

Oh I love it! It came out so nice in those colors :) Yeah, its a bit small for a nice size lunch, but its totally worth it!

Blogger Ashley said...

Maybe that's why all the Rebecca models are so damn skinny?? Cute bag though--I really like it.

Blogger Cassarass said...

Perhaps it's an "Appetizer Bag"?

Blogger Nik said...

I like the color you've chosen. That green is beautiful.


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