Aug 25, 2005

Cocktail Monkey Bag = another FO

Monkey Bag

I just finished this for a friend in Chicago - one of my best friends that also loves tiki bars, especially Hala-Kahiki. The Cocktail Monkey Bag was really fun to make up. Instead of using a pre-made trim, I made a couple of 7-stitch iCords from Fun Fur to match the lining. The hemp was from Hemp Sisters. Here's a detail:

Monkey Bag 2

In general, I like how it came out. I washed it before blocking per the instructions - which I agree was critical. But now it's a little more floppy than I'd like it to be. I think if I made it again, I would iron some heavy-duty fusible interfacing to the lining before sewing it in to give the whole piece a little more body.

Back to sitting on the hard floor and remembering the days of big sofas and comfy beds...


Blogger Dani said...

That is so fun! I bet she is going to love it :)

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

I LOVE the monkey bag, too cute!!!!


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