Aug 17, 2005

has it been 9 days already?!

Things in the queue:
1) Leaf-stitch stole (oh wait, I finished that last night during 'Tommy Lee Goes to College'). I'll post photos tomorrow.
2) Cocktail Monkey bag. I just finished a little Fun Fur i-cord to trim it, so I should just get it over with tonight.
3) Another Amy Butler tote and a surprise Amy Butler something for someone who reads my blog.
4) Looking for ribbon to finally finish my red mon petit chou.
5) One bootie for afghans for Afghans so that I can send them 2 pair, not 1.5 pair.
6) Move Rock Star to Chicago.
7) Finish dissertation.
8) Find meaningful, financially rewarding work.

And, because I have no attention span and really like visuals in my favorite blogs, here's a photo of me looking more healthy and wholesome than I probably deserve to, taken by the dear SweetBasil:



Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

love the WIP!!!!!!very healthy picture! i am having trouble getting your page to come up correctly :(

Blogger Dani said...

Hey hun.. You look so hot with that hat and all! Hmmm, veggies... You've got your plate full right now.. are you coming up to Boston anytime soon?!


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