Aug 22, 2005

In transit

We're off on Phase I of the move. I tried to talk Teak into coming along, but he would have no part of it:


We left the Christmas City at 9:45 and headed to western NY via State College to pick up some Very Important Samples. We checked out the first place that Rock Star and I shared together (I really think it looked nicer when *we* lived there...) and grabbed some BBQ at Clem's, outside Port Matilda, on our way out of town:


We're resting one day, then back on the road, with the Notorious D.O.G. in tow.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

okay amanda that is a freaky pic of kitty:)
yummmm BBQ, must be good stuff, if you made a special stop!!!!

Blogger Dani said...

Oh Amanda! Good luck with the rest of the move! Glad you got a chance to revisit your past! Its always a bit odd in some way since you have so many memories there. Hugs :)


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