Aug 18, 2005

Finished! LSS


I photographed it last evening and I really like how it came out in the natural light. Soon after, I started cutting out pieces for a couple of Amy Butler projects. If Teak isn't actually lying on the fabric I'm trying to cut, he's rolling in the cast-offs:


(can you tell I'm in love with my cat?)


Blogger Dani said...

The stole is amazing Amanda! I love it, love it... You knit that up super quick too!

Anonymous Lee Anne said...

Love, love, love it! It turned out really beautiful and that's a great shot of it. The photo of the kitty is too funny...I am learning Indy loves wool so have to be careful when I am knitting because he wants to run off with the yarn...I thought only cats liked balls of yarn.

Blogger Kathy said...

The stole is gorgeous!


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