Jul 21, 2005

emergency knit project +bonus nerd information!

I went to spend a long weekend with Rock Star in Boston. He started knitting a big project and I was left with idle hands (I know, I know, but I was recovering from a migraine when I left and had *no* interest in knitting while I packed).

So after a day or so we trucked to West Roxbury to the Joann Fabrics and I bought some of their new 'angel hair' yarn and am working on a leaf pattern stole to wear in my office, which is nearly frozen from overtime air-conditioning. I'll post some pics later. I usually don't go for 'crafty' yarns, but this stuff is really soft and will double for a nice pillow while I'm spending late nights working on my dissertation.

Now, for some nerd stuff.
The site that I am loving more than any now is gmapPedometer. I always want to know how far I've walked and this takes the cake! And, if you wanna see where I'm working, check this out. Make sure you click the 'satellite' view in the upper right corner. If you like this tool as much as I do, please comment and post links to your favorite places.



Blogger Dani said...

Yay stole! That sounds like its going to be beautiful! Wow, that site is awesome... I might need to play with that later. For now, back to work.. Oh, you should also give me a call sometime soon. I have some "news" to tell you!


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