Aug 2, 2005

leaf-stitch stole update

Sorry for the lack on knitting content lately... It has just been so hot that it seems crazy to pile any sort of textile on myself. Instead I just come home and lie on the rug like a beached whale.

I am, however, trying to finish the emergency knit project that I started in Boston - a leaf-stitch stole in JoAnn Sensations Angel Hair, which is super-soft and will be fantastic to have around this fall. The choice was between this color and a brighter, springy green. Even though I really loved the bright green, I found myself still strangely drawn to this.

After knitting up a couple of rows, I asked Rock Star, 'does this look familiar to you at all?'

Turns out I must've really been missing Teak that weekend:


I'm essentially making a Teak pelt. Even my housemates have mistaken the in-progresss lump for a sleeping cat. More photos later, when I figure out how to best show off the eyelets.


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