Nov 7, 2005

another weekend in which Rock Star and I prove we're an awesome team

First things first. Here's my progress for the wildy-popular Fuzzy Feet Along. I am knitting them like giant socks in two colors of Mauch Chunky - Almond and Spearmint. Yummy.


My feet are very very excited. Every time I start knitting, they feel especially cold.

I am meeting with the realtor on Friday to list my house. As a result, I will likely be showing some rather odd WIPs of my house instead of knitting or another textile-y thing.

It is not ready. I am not ready. It's a very sad time for me as it will take Rock Star and I years to ever afford something like it in Chicagoland. He was in town this weekend and we tackled the Very Scary Project: patching a big crack in the wall and painting the corner below which there are approx. 80 million feet of fallable space to the first floor. There are no photos of him patching it because I don't want his parents or mine to cry.



I still have tons left to do in the rest of the hallway, but this was a major step.

Thank you, sweetheart. I miss you already.


Blogger DancingFish said...

Wow the hallway looks great! No tests this week so let me know if I can be of any help in house stuff before the big realtor day. I am definitly avoiding Fuzzy Feet after my slipper induced fall but yours look great.


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