Oct 30, 2005

Contest prizes revealed!

The contest ends tomorrow at midnight, EST. I will be sending 1 yard of this 'Day of the Dead' fabric from ReproDepot and enough locally-spun Mauch Chunky to make some felted slippers to the person who has gone the farthest in order to save a beloved hand-crafted item from certain doom.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i really wish something wierd and funny has happened to my knitting, but nothing yet..its only been 9 months since i started! well, i have to fish point protectors out of a toddlers mouth on a daily basis.... not a reviting story by any means:)

Blogger Dani said...

okay, amanda, since I don't have time to enter your contest, I am going to give you my best story here. I came home to find a scarf I was making out of kidsilk haze on the floor. I had left it on the dining room table and the cats got to it. They had pulled it off the table and proceeded to wind the yarn around and around the dining room table legs. I came home from work to find yarn (from the ball and pulled from the scarf) wrapped around and around approximately 70 times. I so diligently unwound the yarn and put it back into a ball and then reknit the entire thing :) Its not that great of a story, but I am sure you will appreciate it! Happy knits hun!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had to pull several yard-long strands out of my dog's butt once, with a bag on my hand of course(I'm sure you've been there...um, right?). On a busy street. Soph's generally afraid of her poop, but this was too much. She was jumping around,probably thinking, "get it out, get it out." Embarrassing.

That's not really "saving" my knitting though, is it? I, needless to say, did not use that yarn.

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Is it a golden thing? Yuck Mouth is really afraid of his poop, too. As well he should be, given some of the things he's ingested!

She's still young, right? It gets a little better...


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