Nov 2, 2005

rabbit, rabbit

Thanks to all who entered the contest - I will post the winner tomorrow. It seems pets - not toilets - are the biggest enemy to our beloved objects. That is no surprise to me, nor to any pet owner, I suspect. The stories from you all got me reminiscing. So for my amusement (and yours), here's a sampling of items that have been in Yuck Mouth's stomach**:

* very old (but not old enough) deer carcass
* a lingerie collection >$500 (from when I had a 'real' job). Now I wear cottons from Target (oh! I forgot for a moment I was boycotting them... yes, I still am. I expect more from my friends than my enemies)
* various cat toys. These I think have accidentally been swallowed after he's carried them around for a while.
* three baffles of a down comforter
* some other things that I won't mention here because I don't want the Human e Soc to come after us...
* enough sticks to build a house

Likes to Eat Sticks

** please don't judge. We crate trained him, but he is very very sneaky and is an OCDog. and remember he's no longer a puppy so these 'bad snack incidents' are integrated over 6 years.

Still here? Check this out to taste my favorite pop art flavor of the week.


Blogger Ashley said...

I think the Bailsand the Yucks might be the same dog. She is also crate trained, but quite sneaky (hids under the bed to do her chewing mostly) and has so far eaten
*a remote control
* most of a size 10.5 New Balance Trail Runner
*a set of #8 DPNs
*15 metric tons of cat poo
*several books
*Innumerable plush toys
*Her own stitches (twice)
*a lampshade collar
*and yes, a gazillion sticks. WHERE DO THE STICKS GO? Is is such a mystery to me.

Blogger Kathy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a dog who eats strange things!

Max has eaten a quart of motor oil and a tube of Krazy Glue.

Samantha will eat my undies if I leave them out.

Kishka hides my shoes. She doesn't chew them, just hides them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the yuck mouth. He is so gorgeous I just want to jump through the screen and snuggle him. Soph would be in love (she loves older retriever boys, I think she has daddy issues).

Sticks are pretty popular around here too. And mulch (the bark-like kind). They seem to make it through her system ok, so far. She also loves to eat:
* chewed gum off the sidewalk (yuck)
*canadian goose poop (when we lived in Ont)
* clumps of cut grass
* the stuffing out of plush toys (she doesn't get those anymore)
* any other toy that seems remotely destructable
* the fuzz off tennis balls
* stinky shoes/slippers
* cheese or bread off the counter
* all the hair off the underside of her tail (once when I was away for 4 days)

Otherwise, we are pretty lucky, but we have to dog-proof the house. She REFUSES to be crated (has a panic attack more or less), and learned how to jump/knock over baby gates.

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Oh Ashley, I hear you about the cat poo - we call it "Scooby Snacks" around here.... blech! And Kathy? I'm so sorry about Max's affinity for toxic chemicals! That must be really scary... And Moe. ::sigh:: Yuck Mouth and Soph could be soulmates. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure the hair chewing thing is anxiety-related. Barley does the same thing.

Dogs and cats are the perfect case for evolution - they are so disgusting/weird/take so much care, but we willingly and happily adopt them in order to feed them strange meat pellets and pick up their poo. It's because of this Rock Star's dad thinks if we are taken over by aliens we should ingratiate ourselves like dogs to them. "No really, we eat prime rib every night! Yeah, we need to be with our friends most of the day to be healthy!"

Blogger Bookish Wendy said...

How about tampons? That's the grossed but most common thing found in our dogs. We had the change our whole garbage system around....


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