Nov 16, 2005

Fuzzy Feet Complete!

The gals are felted after a hot tumble with some cast-aside jeans and a pillowcase:


You may be surprised to learn that they are not waterproof, something I discovered last night when I had to go to my truck for another gallon of paint.

And for those who cannot get enough of my exciting knitting life, here is the progress on Branching Out:

Branching Out Progress

I made a mistake, one that was too big to hide. I had to frog back a couple of repeats and this Madil Kid Seta is not forgiving. It looks nice on the needles, but I still have to figure out exactly where I was in the pattern and hope that it doesn't look too funky when I finally can move on.

Dissertation update: The first chapter is nearly ready to go out for review. It is in my advisor's hands now. The second chapter? Well... it's coming along. I had an insane writing spell right after I have sent out my first academic CV and supporting application materials for The Dream Job. This is what my office looks like after a writing storm (Mom and Dad, this is what you can envision when you talk to me at the office. it's truly creative genius in action):

Writing Storm

Home update: It's on the market. The realtor's assistant took photos and put up the sign last night. I stuffed everything in closets and then painted the baseboard heaters after she left for the open houses this weekend. This is what my living room looks like now:

Painting Storm

Notice a theme?


Blogger Ashley said...

I am more in need of fuzy feet than ever. Must...reprioritize...knitting....

Meanwhile, THAT sterling example of cleanliness and organization is your desk after an insae writing spell? girl, you got nothin'. But you do have my respect for finishing, going on the market, AND selling your house all at one time. That kind of multitasking s beyond me--probably because I can't find a damn thing on my desk.

Anonymous insubordiknit said...

omg, i just posted a pic of my branchingout in progress, all proud. then i came here and saw yours! it's lovely. way less mistakes than mine and i love the fuzziness of it, mohair? very pretty.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuzzy feet look great! I love your branching out of these days I'll get started on mine. Your house reminds me of ours (we live in a townhouse built circa 1920) - but yours has nicer moldings and wood.

Congrats on the first chapter - writing is so gut-wrenching isn't it? I HAVE to get my arse in gear and get some publications together asap...

Blogger Carrie said...

Great fuzzy feet!!


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