Oct 25, 2005


Note: This hasn’t been gifted yet, since Rock Star will be visiting in a little over a week. I have warned him not to check here if he doesn’t want the surprise to be ruined. StitchBlogging is the only addiction I have left. I have cut out most carbs for a couple of weeks – this includes alcohol, people! and Ben and Jerry’s! – I don’t smoke, I can’t garden because it’s so cold and rainy, Rock Star isn’t around to hang out with me, and I’m even trying to limit my caffeine consumption to 2 little pots of green tea a day. All while writing my diss and trying to overcome the feeling that I really suck. Oh yes, I am really fun.


So here are the vids on my version of the short-row beanie:
Yarn: Alchemy’s Synchronicity in ‘Empty Sky’ and ‘Ocean Floor.’
Pattern: Tychus from Knitty.
Needles: Vintage US6 aluminums. Not the best choice with a silk blend yarn (see below).
Recipient: Rock Star. He needs a thinner hat to wear under his bike helmet.
Thoughts: I used a single strand of each color instead of two. I didn’t like the look of the thick bound-off edge, so I used an invisible cast-on and then finished it off with a 3-needle bind-off. To account for the smaller needles, I cast on 54 stitches and decreased as described until there were 32 stitches forming the ½ wedge. I had enough yarn to make a large hat, but barely. I had only a 1” diameter ball of each color left at the end, which is perfect for making a little swatch to put in my imaginary stitching portfolio of FOs.

It makes a nice drape-y fabric and is too big for me – but just enough that I think it will fit Rock Star perfectly. If you have a cat like I do who’s really bad and attacks the needle while you’re knitting, it’s easy to lose the silky stitch from alums. You really have to be careful when making this to pick up any stitches you may drop exactly correctly (not impatiently like me) because it really shows up in the contrasting thread.

Tychus detail

Please excuse Tychus' loose ends. They have since been woven in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooh. That looks awesome. Very very well done. Can't wait to see your branching out (I have some yarn for mine but won't be starting it anytime soon).

Re: your abstinence from alcohol, bread, caffeine. Are you ok? I need all three of those things for basic survival. We don't even go camping/backpacking without them.

crap, I just failed the word verification again. Try again...grmpupa this time. Makes me think of larvae.

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Re: Tychus, Thanks, Moe! My branching out now has three repeats. I will post it soon.

Re: my abstinence, it is Day 1.5 and I'm already crabby and thinking this wasn't the best idea. I am just trying to get my sugar/whitebread/pasta/wine addiction to a more managable level. I'm going another 1.5 days, then modifying as I see fit.

Re: camping, that's all we ever bring, too. The problem now is that I'm not hiking/kayaking my butt off every day over here. Just staring blankly into a gray and wet sky...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grey wet sky is the default weather report around here. We're currently awaiting wilma's weakened arrival. Ok, enough blog surfing, do some work, Moe.

Blogger Ashley said...

Love it! Want it! Must...grade..not...knit...must....resist.

Giving up carbs AND caffiene while dissertating? A fool's errand, my friend. I wish you luck.


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