Jan 2, 2006

Roller Derby Convertible Mittens

Finally, I finished Dancing Fish's birthday gift. I call them 'Roller Derby Convertible Mittens'.


Here are the vids:
Yarn: Wool sock yarn, hand-dyed by Dani in her 'Watermelon' colorway
Pattern: Mostly made up, based on a ton of glove/mitten patterns
Needles: Vintage US1 plastics. They worked really well with the wool.
Recipient: Dancing Fish
Thoughts: Super fun to knit and warmer than they look.


Strangely, roller derbys came up in conversation on NYE at my dear friend Amy's house. Over some delicious pomegranate martinis (thanks!), she said that she is probably going to join a roller derby team this spring. Of course I expressed extreme interest in joining her, but Rock Star thinks that I may be too sensitive to do it - that I hate confrontation. I think it would be a good way to let off some random rage.

We're obviously still in negotiation about this (but he's probably right). Maybe I'll just stick to these:

PomeGranite Martini


Blogger DancingFish said...

Yipee! those look great! I cannot thank you enough as they are a great present. You are the best!

There was a RollerDerby league in Austin and I never went but I had a friend that did it. She wore this shirt that listed all the team injuries...# broken arms, fingers, toes, teeth(ouch) etc etc but the funny part was the last one listed: 1 pregnancy.

Blogger Dani said...

Ok-- those are just the coolest converts ever! Can I steal a picture to put in my SUnshine Yarns FO gallery?! I also love the pic of your grandma with the Branching Out. It looks like she truely loved it :) Happy New Year hun!

Anonymous Sweetbasil said...

Wow. I love the mittens! They look so fun and nice.

Wish you health and happiness for new year!

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

Those mittens are so cute! good use of dani's watermelon yarn! she has some pretty colors in here gallery.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute mittens! Roller Derby sounds scary - I think the old-school kind were you just skate around to Musak sounds more my speed. I used to play rugby but the injuries were getting to be a little much.

Blogger amandamonkey said...

I think the injuries are the biggest reason I'm not that into it. I bruise like a peach and have a deathfear of doctors.


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