Dec 5, 2005

A Fine Mess

Branching Out The Sequel

Remember how I said that Madil Kid Seta is really difficult to frog? Well, I started my grandmother's Branching Out scarf this weekend, made some mistakes, and it was too tangly to even frog. So long story short, Teak is modeling a 'swatch' for you (the bad part had already been frogged before I snapped it).

In other news, THANK YOU for all the nice comments recently and the advice about those crazy bleeding hearts. I am going to dig them up next weekend when I return from the conference.

I'll leave you with a photo of my back porch, taken yesterday after our first snow:

Little Bird Feet


Blogger Ashley said...

A nice thing about knitting: at worst, you've made a cat toy.

Blogger MeBeth said...

What a fabulous expanse of kitty-tummy! And we had our first real snow yesterday too - I was so excited!


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