Dec 14, 2005

Branching Out for Allegra

I'm back from the Big Conference. It was very fun and educational and I saw lots of old friends who for once I was able to really sit down with and have long talks. And Flesh Juice.

Flesh Juice

(Thanks Scott and Lady Miss Blogless and Rock Star and Maggie)! Yes, that's right! After months of hassling her, Maggie is starting a blog! I'm so excited! She is absolutely talented and makes Jenny Hart look like she colors with crayons.*

I finished the other Branching Out for my grandmother, Allegra. She turned 90 while I was away and I'm very much looking forward to seeing her in a couple of weeks.

Branching Out #2

The details are pretty much the same as for my last one, except that I used US8 bamboos and made it much smaller (22 repeats) because Grandma is much shorter than 5 feet.

Branching Out Twins

A reminder for you: Please keep posting your travel/hometown photos on the map as you travel for the holidays. It's an ongoing project and I LOVE to see your shots.

*not a slam. I still color with crayons. In fact, I quite like crayons. But, you know, Maggie is SO GOOD...


Blogger Ashley said...

I'm guessing guava on the juice, but maybe I don't even want to know.

Am I retarded because I can't make Frappr work? I feel like I might be.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That juice looks gross. (I hate pulp).

The scarf, however, is beautiful - holy crap you must have been knitting like a demon to finish it so quickly.

Blogger Kristy said...

The new Branching Out is beautiful. Will you show us a picture of your grandmother with it once you've given it to her? I love grandparents! I'm sure she will love it. And thanks for the picture of the snow. I hate California at Christmas.


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