Dec 6, 2005

(No) Flowers in the Yarder

Viola returns, modeling a quick creation that I excitedly knit last weekend after receiving my order from Jacey. Her hand-spun yarns are so amazing. I'd been waiting forever to order (due to funds, combined with the fact that she immediately sells out of my favorite stuff) - lemme tell you it was definitely worth the wait. The yarn (color: 'Flowers in the Larder') was so soft and fun to knit. I made a winter headband and a scarflette out of it with US 10.5 needles (I'm avoiding the head-on shots for those who were afraid of Viola last time:


Now I just need to find a cool vintage brooch with which to pin it closed.


(no, Viola, you cannot go out. Without a body, you're likely to get brain freeze).


Blogger Dani said...

That is so beautiful! Blue and brown are one of my favorite color combinations... And I love the Teek picture below :) How graceful next to Branching Out!

Blogger MeBeth said...

What a coincidence - last night I finished my neckwarmer knitted from Jacey's handspun! I love your headband too - I have a little extra leftover and I definitely might have to be a total copycat and make myself a little headband.w

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love those colours (I find bright colours with chocolate brown very comforting for some reason). Coincidently, I couldn't go to sleep last night and starting thinking about knitting a headband.

Teek is a gorgeous cat...

Blogger Tosh said...

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Blogger Tosh said...

Wild colors! I love it. Viola is too wacky for words, thanks for not making me look her in the eyes.

(Had to remove my first post due to a spelling mishap.)


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