Feb 27, 2006

Catfish and Kim-chee For Health!

I sense discontent. Some people didn’t like the last meme I passed along and, although I do think they’re fun, I’ve been stalling for lack of knitting.


These are some Fiber Trends Felt Clogs that I’m working on for Rock Star out of bits and strands of leftover Mauch Chunky. It’s a fun knit, but I think I’m ready for something new.

So! I ordered some yarn for the Prairie Tunic and the Rib and Cable Mitts from the new IK. Oooh! My fingers are tingling with anticipation.

This weekend I headed south for a too-quick trip to see a couple of very good friends. Microbie made a very yummy Thai catfish curry and then we settled into quiet conversation and a movie. Sunday morning, her cat Max hung out with me in the sun while she left to tutor.

Fat Max in the Macaroni Room

We really cleaned up at the Goodwill later Sunday afternoon. Her top score was some vintage Tupperware to add to her collection. Mine? It’s a toss-up between vinyl Neil Diamond’s Jazz Singer and two mixing bowls that look like this.

Then, in an unprecedented move, I saw Sweet Basil for the second weekend in a row! She made an amazing Korean dinner, including several types of kim-chee and a smooooth martini made by her husband.




Blogger Chris said...

Oh, some fun knitting ahead for you!

I'm afraid of kim-chee.

Blogger Chris said...

Oh, yeah, forgot - :p

Blogger janna said...

oooh... vintage pyrex! I collect (sort of - I have two pieces, and one belonged to my grandma) the Pink Daisy pattern. I never see it at Goodwill, though.

Blogger Ashley said...

I was not being a hater, just professing discontent with the dark truth revealed about myself by the Muppet Meme. It's like when I took the "what should your job be" one (or something like that, hoping for, you know, astronaut or fireffighter, and instead I got academic. Sigh.
Love that Prairie Rib--can't wait to see it!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am cursed at Goodwill/Sally-Ann's - I never ever find anything. I probably don't have a good eye.

Supper looks yummy, we've been on a beans kick lately in an attempt to lower our meat consumption. Well, its my attempt anyway, Mr Moe humours me.

Prairie Tunic will be so pretty for spring! I was admiring the Rib and Cable mitts too.

Oh, to answer your question: yes, sophie loves to play with dirty socks. But only when we are gone. She doesn't seem to eat them, which is not the case with slippers (we had another casualty today while I was at the dentist.)


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