Feb 12, 2006

I miss my boys

Keeping an eye on the Beast


Blogger Chris said...

Story behind the cute picture?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want a big boy golden retriever to take care of my little girl golden retriever.

What a sweet picture...I hope you are reunited with your brood soon :(

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Chris - The story is just a simple one, about a cat too engrossed in eating grass to notice a crazy dog with a stick until he goes nuts with it. It's a story of a now-broken i-Zone Polaroid camera meant for tweens, but heavily used by one amandamonkey a few years ago - before the digital came into her life.

Moe - Our dogs should meet! I really think they are the same dog. But if you're expecting Barley to take care of her, well, lemme tell you, he isn't that kind of guy. He's a lover, not a fighter! ;-)


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