Feb 15, 2006

Fuzzy Feet, the Sequel

Fuzzy Feet, The Sequel

I feel a little silly posting this new pair of Fuzzy Feet because everyone seems to be challenging themselves with scary and complicated projects. But this is what I'm working on while writing me diss.

This is my second pair of Fuzzy Feet, and I'm feeling so-so about the pattern. The Fiber Trends pattern felts up better and is more comfortable, so this second pair may be my last.

I love the colors. They are 'pumpkin' and 'kiwi' in Mauch Chunky. It seems wrong to knit up two colors named after fruits that aren't from the same Plant Hardiness Zone, but it feels. so. good.


Blogger Chris said...

Giggling about the plant hardiness zones...

They're cute - but since I'm a big fan of the Fiber Trends pattern... :)

Heh, if I was working on a dissertation, I would've knit a cat toy for the Knitting Olympics. You go, girl!

Blogger jennysbelly said...

I like them . .. you prefer the fiber trends? I'm in between the two for making slippers for my BF.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pumpkin stems are green so all is well.

I have been terribly slack with blog commenting, and knitting for that matter...

I HATE diss writing. If I can finish by Christmas 2006, I will be pleased. I'm working half-time as well, which I like much much more.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i love them! it seems everyone is doing something diffuclt doesn't it! i thought birch would be har, but it turns out it is easy, the challenging part was the 299 stitches :) i love the pink and brown fuzzy feet! these colors look good together too:)

Blogger MeBeth said...

I am perhaps doing (or perhaps not doing, in the event that I quit) the hourglass sweater midsection as my knitting olympics project. I just don't think I have that competitive knitting spirit.

I loved the clog colors, but now that you pointed out the Plant Hardiness Zone issue I'm not sure if I'd ever feel total relaxation with them on my feet.

Anonymous elisa said...

Man, those are going to be awesome! I love the color combo.

Blogger Dani said...

I need some of those! They are great in those colos too :)


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