Feb 20, 2006

Weekend update

Friday was our grad symposium, followed by a department dinner at the new South Side Steel. Thoughts that ran through my mind prior to dinner include "this was way more fun when we could have beer at the poster session," "we haven't been able to have beer at this thing for a looooong time which means I am really very old," and "damn, I could really use a beer." Thoughts in my head after having an appletini and some good food include "wow, I really like the people I'm sitting around at this dinner" and "these little cakes are yummy."

Saturday, Sweet Basil, her husband, and our former housemate Cookie had dinner at the always-marvelous Olive Branch in South Bethlehem. We closed the place with lots of laughing and some chocolate raspberry cake. The owner, Sam, broke his foot a few weeks ago and we are sending him lots of 'get well' wishes.

Fitful sleeping of one amandamonkey ensued, then brunch was consumed at the very smoky but tasty Blue Anchor Diner with Sweet Basil and her husband. All is have to say about that is 'mmmmm, bacon.' We drooled over patterns in Loop-d-Loop (something that we have, in fact, done before) and tried to protect the precious book from greasy smudges on the table.

Later in the afternoon, I quickly saw Sweet Basil to dispense kisses and hugs before her trip home then headed over to the home of Dancing Fish and her beau for some ice dancing. Appropriate gear was donned and fun was had by all...

...except for maybe by Seymour, who was forced to model a Fuzzy Foot by two silly girls.

(see? There's some knitting here!)

We ate lots of Chinese food of which there are no photos because aforementioned amandamonkey housed the crab rangoon-ies before the camera could come out.

Needless to say, the funk I've been in for the past couple of weeks seems to have lifted - at least for the time being. Thanks SO MUCH, everyone! Especially Sweet Basil and Dancing Fish!

PS - thanks to everyone on your very nice comments about my grandfather last week.


Blogger DancingFish said...

Yippee! It was a great time and I really think Seymour secretly enjoyed it too! Sequins must be lucky- I was watching more ice dancing before bed- sans sequins lest I fall asleep with them on- and a bunch of people fell down.

Blogger Chris said...

Oh, it sounds like a great weekend!

Poor Seymour. You can just see he's aware of the indignity being heaped upon him...

Blogger Carrie said...

I love the headbands!

Blogger janna said...

Ah, yes, the ice dancers' headbands.... They only add to the oddness. I heard that there's a dress code that says that the women's belly buttons can't show, which is why so many of the costumes have that weird strip down the front.

(And where did you do undergrad in San Antonio?)

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

cute pics! i want to give symore a big squeeze!

Blogger Debbie said...

Poor Seymour. But the fuzzy foot looks great on him!


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