Feb 16, 2006

I ask you to describe my person

Via Miss Kendra, I ask you to go here to help me take part in a little self-analysis.

Has anyone heard the new Willie Nelson cowboy song? I like it, even if it does sound like a parody. ...and it supports my working hypothesis that the more homophobic someone is, the more they've closeted their burning passion for same sex lovers.


Blogger Ashley said...

That is a fun game, but also hard--it's one of those things that make you realize that we don't all actually _know_ each other. I don't know--I try to self-present accurately on my blog, but do I? I'll have to go set one of those up as soon as I get my highspeed connection back.

Blogger Chris said...

Ashley's got it right!

Blogger amandamonkey said...

I completely agree - Most people who read my blog are knitterly, virtual friends. However, some actually know me in real life. I'm interested in learning if I project the same persona face-to-face as I do here.

... and I'm not procrastinating at all!

Blogger Jaichan said...

Amandamonkeycide is the number 2 cause of death among amandmonkeys, right after liquour-induced self stinging.
Or so I've been told.

Blogger DancingFish said...

I hear that he wrote that song some 20-odd years ago but just had it used for the movie. May or may not be true as I can not remember my source. Either way, good movie, pretty song. Gotta love Willie!
Love your fuzzy feet as well!


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