Feb 11, 2006

Please do not read if you are easily impressed with real cool images of cigarettes

This candy should be banned....

Look at what I found at the local Getty today! Candy cigarettes! I thought these were banned but I found them at the Getty! Now I know why all those skaters hang out there.

Aren't they perfect with my Johnny Cash bag?

And then we went to Applebee's and smoked 'em 'cos we're so punk rock!

...but it's so good!


Blogger Chris said...

Dang, now all the kids are gonna see how cool ya look and get hooked on those durned candy cigarettes!

Anonymous elisa said...

Dude, you're hella cool. ;)

Blogger Ashley said...

My peace-and-love hippe mom wouldn't let us have candy cigs, so I would sneak them at school. Which pretty much sums up my level of rebelliousness as a kid.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I, alas, am very easily impressed with real cool images of cigarettes.

Your Johnny Cash bag rocks.


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