Feb 6, 2006

so what?

I lied last post - I have, in fact, been stitching. I wasn't going to post it, though, because I'm using leftover yarn from the project I made for Dancing Fish. They're just some footies, warm but fun.

PS - Don't be jealous of my (finally!) upgrade to Panther Tiger (why do I always mix those two up?!), or my dirty red dishes.


Blogger Carrie said...

I love that yarn!

Anonymous elisa said...

Tee hee - the footies are so cute!

Blogger Ashley said...

Oooh Panther. You will enjoy it.

Blogger Chris said...

Cute footies - that is some fun yarn!

Blogger carrie said...

footies are so cute! perfect for watching "the biggest loser." can i just tell you that i was afraid i was the only one watching it. (well, i'm at work, so i can only kinda watch it. but it's very inspirational if lame!)

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

very cute footies! um, your dish pile is a lot smaller than mine ;) *slap wrist*


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