Feb 1, 2006

...because nothing says 'let's get in shape' like sitting on your ass and watching The Biggest Loser in unfelted slippers

The Biggest Loser

Moe, because I know you like these colo(u)rs as much as I do, you'd love this place. Every time I walk by one, I want to lick the windows and roll around on the floor like Barley does in a pile of poop. I think it has something to do with the colors - not just the chocolate!

Here are the vids:
Yarn: Mauch Chunky in 'Pink Lemonade' and ‘Walnut.’
Pattern: 'Felt Clogs' from Fibertrends
Needles: US13 bamboo circs.
Recipient: Mine, all mine!
Thoughts: Well, I should come clean - this is about the third pair I've made (but the first I've made since I started blogging). The first two pair went to my parents during the Holiday 2004 season, officially ending my mother's 'knitted gift probation' for losing one of the first things I knit for her.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

pink and broen is one of my favorite color combos! can't wait until the clogs trim up in the wash! jealous!

Blogger Ashley said...

Yum, pink and brown. Although right now I am having a fling with lilac and brown (plus my perennial crush on robin's egg and brown).

Currently my sick obsession is Celebrity Fit Club. Which actually makes me feel like I do not need to get that much in shape, because dammit, I am no Chastity Bono.

Blogger Chris said...

Oh, those will be so fun when they're felted!

Heh - loved the title, btw.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are going to look great felted! That chocolate store looks dangerous, but very hip.

I don't have cable, so my tv is limited, which is probably a good thing for me.

My fitness has been on a serious hiatus until my cold goes away, it's getting annoying. Not that I do much these days other than walk the dog and some yoga...

Blogger Tosh said...

That must be the worst part of being a knitter, never making anything for yourself. I know the feeling. Sometime soon I should also have my very own set of felted clogs thanks to Jen who has been knitting them for me in her clog class.

Watching Biggest Loser makes me feel like a dope.


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