Jan 31, 2006

Step 2

Step 1 of getting out of my nasty apartment as much as possible - especially when activities involve the touching or ingesting of things - was begun on Monday with the stocking of my new gym locker with shampoo, conditioner and the like. I even worked out yesterday before showering! If I actually get into shape because my shared bathroom is too gross for nekkedness, then I should write in my 'success' story to Shape or Fitness or Self.

Step 2 starts tonight. I'm in the process of rescuing my food from its cramped and dank home and moving it to the newold 'fridge in my office (used! yay!):

Step 2

Like that 6-pack of V-8 in there?

I don't. But I'm trying to be grown-up like Concateknit and a gal's gotta start somewhere.


Blogger the knitrider said...

nice setup! im glad you like my armwarmers. i wore them today for an entire day and realized that maybe the ribbing should be done in a smaller needle-just a future tip.

Blogger Ashley said...

I'm trying to be on the healthy train too; I definintely need to get some V-8. I hate it too--but doesn't it seem like one of those things that automatically makes you healthier, just by being in proximity to it?

Anonymous elisa said...

Dude - I started going to the gym last summer because it was air conditioned. The whole "working out" bit was completely secondary to the "not sweating to death in my non-airconditioned apartment" bit.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

ugggh! your a brave woma! V* make me want to hurl ;)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yucky yuck yucky V8. Bleh. I would crack open a beer in protest if it wasn't lunchtime. You are made of steelier stuff than I madame.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Amanda!

How cool that you have a blog...do you have/could you add an RSS Feed so I can add it to my reading list?

I also have a blog, I talk about a lot of nothing in it, but here it is anyway :)


Look forward to seeing you in May, and being neighbors!! :D



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