Jan 23, 2006


It's been way too long since I've written and there are lots of stories to tell. In the interest of brevity and to remind myself later, here are some highlights:

* I started teaching for the first time in 5 years.
* I got another draft of a chapter to my advisor (not two as I'd hoped. ::sigh::).
* I sold about a million things on craigslist in an attempt to successfully move from a 1400-sq-ft house to an 11x11 room and met some nice people and some freaks in the process.
* I moved out of my house and have lots of emotions about that - the most overwhelming right now is RELIEF. I had lots of help from my friends (THANK YOU) and some crazy bird people and some really great people at the bank who helped me straighten out some things that (I think) the title company screwed up.
* On the day of closing I woke up at 4am to shove everything in the back of my truck. Only half of it is out now. Rock Star suggests I should just drive it over a cliff. Fortunately, there are no obvious cliffs here.
* I moved to a craptastic apartment whose bathroom has made me decide that regular gym workouts (followed by a shower) will be the way to go this semester. Maybe even early in the morning so I can poop there, too.
* My housemates ARE nice, though.
* Is there such a thing as a 'Pine-sol Bomb'?! If so, I want one to set off in my new apartment.
* I ate a lot of cheese.
* I met some cops whose beat is in my new neighborhood.
* To celebrate my closing, I had a really lovely IM date with Rock Star Friday night.
* I didn't get to knit through this whole ordeal, which made it even worse. Last night I cast on some Fiber Trends slippers in these colors of Mauch Chunky and am feeling much more normal today.

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This week? I'll be back to discussing minutiae. Thanks for all your support and good thoughts - they were highly appreciated if not readily acknowledged.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

Amanda your alive :) so happy to see you posting again! sorry about all the mess, atleast it is over and you can get into a new routine.... glad to hear that you and rock star had some "quality time" ;)

Blogger Chris said...

Wow - sounds very intense. And hey - turning in a draft of ANY chapter is great.

Blogger Carrie said...

I love
"I ate lots of cheese"
Glad to see you're back...

Blogger the knitrider said...

i hear ya on selling stuff on craigslist. we are doing the same thing! thanks for your nice comment on my lucky!

Blogger Tosh said...

There is nothing like a tidy pattern to help get your spirits back to where they should be.

Don't be so hard on yourself. Acknowledge that you have accomplished a great deal, including a whole chapter! Way to go Chicky!

Blogger Ashley said...

Yay chapter! And teaching--yeah. It's hard. (I don't know how I find the time in my day for it, what with all the knitting.)

Girl, you need a vacation. When's spring break?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuck, teaching is stressful. Love the colors of your new slippers - I have sneakers in the same colours (brown suede sneakers with pink laces. That colour combo makes me happy).

There is a new pinesol on the market that is lavender scented (purple too) - I highly recommend it. Dirty bathrooms creep me out. I can't imagine living with roommates now that I'm "old" and married. I know that whenever we have houseguests I don't poop for days. Perhaps you can rent your own portapotty to use.

Blogger Dani said...

Sounds like life has been crazy! I am glad you are teaching again, You would be my favorite :) TA! Scott and I are on our way down to see our peeps this weekend, including you!!

Blogger Stephanie said...

welcome back


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