Feb 27, 2006

Self Challenge, Week 2

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For my friends participating in The Self Challenge, here's an update. Last week was Week 1. I went to the gym a couple of times and did 1/2 a strength workout. Turns out I'm really weak - meh. As far as food goes, I mostly ate well and tried to stay in my calorie range during the week. This weekend was full of lot of tasty and healthy food, but also too much fast food. So, tomorrow I’m back on the wagon.

My goals for the week are to do all three cardio sessions (probably in the gym since it's so cold) and two complete strength sessions.

What about you?


Blogger Chris said...

My alleged buddy Deb vanished into the ether... Let's see, um, I did situps and pushups on Saturday - the first for quite a while. And I went for a vigorous walk on Sunday - the first for quite a while. Today, alas, I worked nearly 13 hours, so I have no pep left...

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

um we atarted that alreday ;) well, i have been doing toning excersises when the kiddos nap during the day... nad i have managed NOT to stuff my face silly at every meal... I actually Stop eating when I feel full. is that a good start for week 1?

Blogger Ashley said...

Er. Today I chose dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

Blogger carrie said...

i started in the middle of last week, and so far, so good. the strength workouts are tough, especially exercise 4. i have 7 pound weights and i just CANNOT lift them that high after doing exercise 3. and they recommend i eat 1600 calories. that seems like too much.

Blogger DancingFish said...

I did weights last night at home and have dance classes tonight (3+ hours of cardio!) It is too too cold so hopefully I'll get to the gym again this week. Maybe Thursday I'll go there after our seminar instead of the usual routine of going to the bar!!


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