Apr 26, 2006

Unabashed sucking up makes me laugh and laugh and laugh

So I taught my final lab yesterday. The topic was 'planning.' The students had to design a town based on the geologic principles we've learned this semester.

I was pretty pleased with how everyone did (except the group who wanted to put the town's garbage in sinkholes - whoops!), but here's a photo of my favorite one:

FYI, the name of the town and the hearts were absolutely unsolicited.


Blogger Ashley said...

OMG that is hilarious. Where is my sucking-up? Maybe I need to have my students make diagrams about literature instead of taking exams on it.

Blogger Chris said...

Heh, if you're gonna suck up - do it big time, no questions at all. :)

Blogger MeBeth said...

It looks like someone might have a crush on you...

Anonymous elisa said...


Blogger carrie said...

i hope they got an A!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess if you are going to suck the teacher's ass, you might as well be obvious about it.

Too funny.


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