Jun 26, 2006

Funk City

Oh man, malaise is still hovering over us at Chez Amandamonkey. We tried to shake it off by meeting Amy, her boy, and their new puppy - Truffle - at Wicker Park, but Barley was too shy around the other dogs and just paced around self-consciously.
Meet Truffle

Truffle has enough self-confidence for both of them and this is one of the few photos I snapped of her that is actually in focus because she also has lots of energy.

We headed over to the Pontiac Cafe for some snacks 'cos they let us park the dogs to the side of the patio. The nice thing is that it didn't smell like dog piss like the park so I could enjoy my yummy crabcakes with chipotle mayo.

Yesterday Beth and I were supposed to sling beers here, but somehow found ourselves in Chinatown which was just fine. Here're a couple of views from the Chinatown el stop:
Chicago Skyline from Chinatown
Chicago Chinatown

One very fun find is the illustrated geologic time scale in the tunnel between transfers at the Roosevelt stop:
Roosevelt Station

She's coming over tonight to eat some spa food from Canyon Ranch Cooks and watch Honey, We're Killing the Kids because she just cancelled her cable. We both love to watch the melodramatic kids vomit the first time they have to eat vegetables.

Still? I'm meh.

This morning's mail drop helps a little. I received both my yarn order from Dani's Sunshine Yarns (the 'Beach Day' is what I ordered and the partial skein of 'Raspberry Limeade' was a toss-in because I know her IRL. Aren't you jealous?)....
Sunshine Yarns

...and the new Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book.
Wee Wonderfuls Put-Together Book No. 1


Blogger Ashley said...

It's hard to be glum around that yarn--that raspberry limeade is my fave Dani colorway. And Truffle--I just want to eat her, pretty much.

Hope the vomiting kids cheer you right up! :)

Blogger janna said...

What kind of dog is Truffle? She looks like she thinks she's much, much bigger than she really is! And poor Barley - maybe if you keep taking him to the stinky dog park, he'll make some friends.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yup, jealous.

Truffle looks like an intense little cutie (puggle?).

I feel glum too (due to passive aggressive supervisor who WILL NOT take any responsibility for my tardy phd in my extension form despite general lack of mentorship). There. I need to go fondle some misti alpaca now.

I hope you feel better soon.

Blogger Chris said...

Truffle looks snuffleable. Cute!

I think it's hard to be anything but "meh" when you have big crap like a diss hanging over you. Get free!! Write like the wind!!

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

i hope your funk shakes off! what a cute puppy! i love the picture of the geological stuff in the tunne! too cool.... And yes, jealous of the sunshine yarns!!! I love dani's colorways... and when I am allowed to buy yarn again, she had better watch out!


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