Jun 12, 2006

Hey Dumbass

Yeah, you - the one who stole all our seedlings from the community garden plot. Did you know that you took them from an UNEMPLOYED PERSON who was actually banking on EATING this summer?!

I hope your face is horribly, irretrievably disfigured in a fiery accident.

Really. Fuck you.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

OMG are you serious! you have got to be kidding me? some people have the nerve!

Blogger Ashley said...

grrrr. that SUCKS.

Blogger Chris said...

Stole seedlings?? WTF?!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone stole your SEEDLINGS?!
From a *community* garden?!

That is seriously f-ed up and twisted.

Blogger jennysbelly said...

That is the most fucked up thing I've heard of.

Blogger Steph said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was a person? I'm sure a small woodland creature would find your seedlings to be a great snack.

In any case, that sucks.

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Blogger LotusKnits said...

Wow how lame and incredibly rude.

I'd kick em sqwah in da nuts for you if I could.

Anonymous Lee Anne said...

Oh my! I did have some creatures eat my seedlings before but not every last one of them! And you can normally tell when it is critters, they just dig it all up in each little hole.

So much has happened for you this last month or so...it was great to come by and visit your blog and see all the exciting things going on with you. Hope you are loving the new place and Chicago!

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Well, they weren't so much seedlings as 2-foot plants. I keep calling them 'seedlings' because Rock Star grew them with such great care all by himself from seed.

They were big enough to leave some sign if a woodland creature did it. My friend Greg just sent me this story about plant-nabbing in the DC area.

Blogger MeBeth said...

Grr. Argh. Hopefully they will be the victim of karmic revenge and the seedlings will turn into that plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

Blogger Jaichan said...

Bastards. Raised. By. Wolves.
What kind of ass clown pulls a stunt like that?
I'll box up the leftovers in the kitchen and send them to Chicago.

Blogger fillyjonk said...

This is not isolated, sadly.

In the apartment complex where I used to live, I had plants on my patio. Had some nice big hanging baskets of petunias - they made the place prettier, some of them were red and attracted hummingbirds.

One day they were gone. I thought, well, maybe someone needs them more than I did.

Later that evening, taking a load of trash to the dumpster, what did I find? My plants, in the dumpster. Someone took them and threw them away solely to be hateful. I mean, they were SMALL, TASTEFUL baskets. They were inside my patio area. It wasn't like I had the Ugly Plants from Hell spread all over the complex.

They took them and trashed them because they could.

I can't stand my fellow humans some times.


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