Jun 7, 2006

Birthday Love from Michigan

This is a long-delayed, but very heartfelt THANK YOU shout-out to Ashley. We haven't yet met IRL but she knows me so. well.

Happy Birthday from Ashley!

A knitted cupcake and Mason-Dixon Knitting! Yay! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, Ashley (and also Bailey - did you pick out that cute dog card?)! The tale of two blog friends is the perfect gift from my blog bud.

I love every project in this book, especially the bench cover, whose colors and geometry reminds me of hooked 'footstool' covers of my dusty memory
Mason-Dixon Knitting Bench Cover

and the bedcover, whose simple morphology and colors make me very happy (tho' I have to admit that I will probably quilt this pattern/color combo if I make this project.
Mason-Dixon Knitting Bedcover

Even the dishclothes are so very dear.
Mason-Dixon Knitting Dishcloth

I don't know what to make first.

Thanks again, Ashley!


Blogger Chris said...

Ohmigod. Blogger's going to let me comment finally?! But... what was I going to say?!

Ah - the cupcake is adorable! And belated happy birthday. I'm sure that being home was the best present you could get. :)

I highly recommend the baby bib from MDK - I made one and gifted it Monday. Already I have a request for several more from the parents.

Blogger Carrie said...

The cupcake is precious.
Happy belated birthday!!!


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