Jul 6, 2006


I hope you didn't think I was bragging in my last post. I was just amazed, given that I just moved from a neighborhood in which we were robbed, drug deals routinely happened a few houses away, I had a scary white trash neighbor (eek, anonymous, I know what your friends are going through in Lake Co), and I sometimes worried that a group of junior high girls would jump me for my iPod.


I went south with the Insane Clown Posse this weekend to spend the holiday with my parents and brother and new SIL. I didn't take any knitting. Because I was going to write. I think y'uns can guess how that worked out so I won't spell it out for you.

We had a great time. Our grandmother and aunts and uncles and cousins came over and the day was hot. My beautiful cousin hung out under a tree and read while the rest of us were swimming.
Summer Day

Barley had a bath and found a big stick...
Big Stick

...and even Teak was able to spend some time outdoors. After getting a bath, that is.

We were also able to go to central Illinois to see my great-aunt and uncle who, in their 70s and 80s, still run their jewelry store.

It was very joyful during the days in southern Indiana, but night is when the ghosts come out. We've lost some key members of our family in the past few years - to death or Alzheimers or just changing relationships and we all tend to get nostalgic. I remain grateful that we have each other.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is the best stick ever. Soph got FILTHY hiking in the rain on the weekend and had a bath too. She looked like a black lab from the chin down.

Sounds like you a nice weekend!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice time. I love the photo of your cousin reading.

I was the anon with friend in Lake Co., I probably forgot to put my name,


Blogger Chris said...

How many times did you throw that stick for him?!

That last picture is lovely...

Blogger Kathy said...

I love all the pics, but especially the one of your cousin under the tree and the one of Barley.

Blogger DancingFish said...

Sounds (and looks) like a rejuvinating weekend was had by all. Glad you are back online though!

Blogger Carrie said...

Great photos! I love the one with your cousin reading under the tree. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!!

Blogger Ashley said...

OMG best stick ever. And I love Teak outside--he looks very suspicious of everything.

Hope all the relaxingness hasn't worn off yet.

Blogger janna said...

I somehow missed this post before! I love Barley's big stick! And the pictures are beautiful -- they remind me of home, too. (I think we talked about this before - I grew up in central Illinois.)


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