Jul 13, 2005

Maybe, Yes: iPods and a4A update

I've loved her a long time. Eleni Mandell has a marvelous voice. Maybe, Yes is a jazzy, nostalgic album which

I've recently 'lost' in the gigabytes of other songs that have crowded her out. I've ended up loading too many things that I *never* listen to - just because I can. Hmmmm.

The visit with SweetBasil was so relaxing. We sat in the garden with her new husband, toasted marshmallows, and caught lightning bugs. She brought me many fantastic finds from antique stores and I felt so loved.


Do you call them 'lightning bugs' or 'fireflies'? I'm really curious, so comment if you feel like it and let me know where you grew up and which term you use. SweetBasil is from Seoul, and we started a little tangential convo about the regional use of the words. Either way, they are my very favorite insect.

The Beast was grumpy after she left, so I gave him a little homegrown catnip...

Stoned on Home-grown

... while I worked on my afghans for Afghans projects, a little hat and some baby booties:

Hat for afghansforAfghans.orgBooties for afghansforAfghans.org

And, because I just started this blog and am hoping to collect as many of my crafts as possible in one place, here's my Skully from Stitch-n-Bitch that I made last winter:



Blogger Dani said...

Aww.. that hat is so adorable! I am glad you had a great visit with Yeon.. I wish I could read her blog!

Blogger Knit Freak said...

I'm from NY and I've always called them Lighting Bugs and I agree they are the coolest bugs out there.

Blogger Cassarass said...

I'm from TX, and I call em "Lightnin Bugs" ^__^

Anonymous Lee Anne said...

I'm from Texas too and we don't have them where I live. Sigh...although when we would go visit my grandmother in PA I would always try and catch several and carry them home in a jar...they always died by the second day. :( But we called them lightening bugs too.

Wish I could read Yeon's blog too! Glad you guys had a great visit! Love the idea of roasting marshmallows outside like that. :) Mmm...smores are in my future I do believe.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just happened across your blog - nice work! I have the following to contribute:
1. Fireflys. I grew up in NS, Canada
2. That would be one crappy-ass-little-lunch that would fit in your cute, tiny, "lunch" bag. German knit designers must eat huge breakfasts.
3. Re: your embroidered pillow - wow.

Blogger Nik said...

We called them lightning bugs when I was a kid.

Blogger Kathy said...

I grew up in Michigan and called them lightning bugs.

I live in Colorado now and have heard people call them fireflies.


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