Aug 27, 2005

Dog Heaven

To those of you not into the beasts of the furry kind:
I apologize (but not too much) for all the Teak and Barley fanfare lately.

A couple of days ago we took Barley to the dog beach for the first time:

Dog Beach

Yesterday, we didn't do much but wait for FedEx and nurse my head cold. I'm making something new and exciting with this Periwinkle Lamb's Pride Bulky:

Lamb's Pride Bulky

Hint: It's going to be felted....

Now to wait for the yarn store to open for the day. I'm tingling with new-town-new-yarnstore anticipation.


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

how cute is that! he loved that doggie beach... pretty color of lambs pride bulky, i love the way that stuff felts!

Blogger Ashley said...

Oh man, there is nohing happier in this world than a dog in the water with a good stick. Look at that grin!


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