Oct 20, 2005

Stalking Viola Voila

Rock Star's hat is complete! I will tell you that it's a modified Tychus from the Summer 2005 Knitty Man Issue; the final details will be recorded here once it is gifted - probably in a week or two.

So I was just now setting it up on Viola Voila who is pictured to the right. Poor Viola has always been completely misunderstood by my friends and family, described as "creepy" or "disturbing."

I think tonight may unfortunately prove them correct. Teak ran in while I was setting up for the photo shoot, screeched to a halt, then started stalking Viola in a frightened manner. This is something he rarely does, but it was so funny, I took a movie of it.*

Could it be that The Lady Miss Viola Voila could be one of those possessed objects I hear so much about? I never knew...

*Special thanks to UCSF's Center for Instructional Technology for their 'Embedded Media HTML Generator.' I didn't want to use all my bandwidth, though, so it's no longer embedded in the post. Now, my little goofy movie is hosted at Putfile.


Blogger Ashley said...

hi-larous. Viola is definitely possessed, and Teak is right to be afraid. I like how it looks like they're making out a little right before Teak jumps away.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

LOVE the movie amanda! poor viola.. my patents have this life size clown named lester(lester the molester) my dad likes to put him in chairs when people come over and freak them out b/c hes just that darn scary looking and you can't help but be startled by him.. my dad is the jokester type:)


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