Oct 18, 2005

Do you love your knitted object enough to pull it out of a toilet?

The title of this post is a comment Ashley just emailed me. After reading my last post, she had a fantastic idea about me posting a 'dedicated to my knits'-type button on my blog.

I could just make a little button, post it, and have that be the end of it. But our exchange has inspired me to hold a contest. Here are the rules:
* post your best/worst extreme saving-the-knit-or-other-handcrafted-item story on your blog. No, the story doesn't have to involve toilet diving. It does, however, have to involve an item you made or made by someone close to you and the story has to involve you. Third-party postings are encouraged but not eligible for the (::cough::) prize.
* comment on this post or this post with a link to your story.
* do it before midnight EST, 31 October.

* This is my blog and I will choose the winner. Make me laugh! Make me cry! Incite emotion in the blogosphere over your love for your hand-crafted yummy!

Here's what you get:
* a specially-designed certificate/button to post on your blog.
* some fun-knitting thing, yet to be determined because I need to WRITE, y'all!


Blogger Ashley said...

So one time? There was this dingo? And it grabbed my half-knitted scarf and ran away with it? And I chased after it yelling "A dingo ate my scarf! A dingo ate my scarf!" And I wrestled the dingo but it got away? And then they put me in jail for scarficide?

I kid. I have never done anything heroic for my knits. But now I'm thinking about creating a situation where one is in danger.

Blogger Dani said...

how funny! I wish I had a really good story.. I need to think about it for a while :)

Blogger DancingFish said...

I think you might just take the cake with your story! I think the only danger my knitted things are in is due to the dog. My knitted objects don't live very exciting lives.....yet

Blogger Carrie said...

Even though I do love my knits enough to fish them from a nasty toilet I haven't had to so here's my next best story...

My father-in-law spent many days at our house a couple years back building a car, we have a heated garage and I think he just wanted company too. He has a little dog he picked up from the pound, a terrier/pug mix named Mr. Tugsley. I've never been too fond of this dog & he would bring it with each day. One day as I returned from work I found my work-in-progress (socks for my mom's birthday) on the living room floor. Hmmmm I thought, it must have fallen from the table. No biggy...I'll just pick it up -What the???!!! Crunch crunch crunch. Mr. Tugsley had a little feast on my birch DPN's that afternoon. I managed to salvage most of the stitches onto a stitch holder while the needles went straight to the trash. Mr T managed to break the yarn in a few places but everything turned out OK anad my mom loved the socks (I think, I've never seen her wear them :)


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