Oct 12, 2005


Oh! The pain! The anguish! The package wasn't here when I arrived home yesterday. There was nothing on my front porch.

Could it be that it wasn't actually 'delivered' but that it was instead 'out for delivery'? I mean it was a little weird that it was delivered in the morning when the UPS driver usually comes around 5. I watched some Dr Phil and then checked the website again.

Nope. 'delivered'.

Who should I call? Purl? UPS?

After a few minutes of pacing around and hemming and hawing I decided to open the back door - just in case - even though after three years of living here, UPS has *never* placed a package there and they would've had to navigate past my trash bin...

There it was!


Inside the sweet packaging were two balls of Madil Kid Seta, one in Moss and one in Cotton Candy. They will become Branching Out scarves for Christmas gifts:


And there was also a little something for Rock Star's Christmas gift. I can't post about that now, because he reads my blog. Let's just say I spent the rest of the night knitting.

I have a new housemate who is (otherwise) fabulous. She's from Germany, so I will call her 'Rebecca' here after my favorite German knitting mag. Last night as I was excitedly casting on, Rebecca said, 'poor Rock Star - is he the victim for all your knitting?' ...I'm feeling a little self-conscious now. But comforted by the fact that we have an open and honest relationship and that he should tell me if he doesn't like what I'm knitting him (OK, honey?).


Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

amanda i am sooo glad you got your package! i would have been so freaked if it said 'delivered' and i couldn't find it! my hubby is avictim of my new found hobby too:) he loves anything i make and i am sure yours does too!

Anonymous Sweetbasil said...

I am glad you got the package!!
I recently worked with Kid Haze yarn which I think is similar to the one you got. It is very slippery and made my right hand cramp a little while knitting, but the yarn is simply wonderful! It makes a wonderful lace knit. I can't wait to see your finished projects!


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