Sep 30, 2005

You feed your daughter with that soup?!

I bought some Amy's 'no-chicken' soup to cure my cold. Most of their stuff is good, but this soup is crap. Meh. I feel sorry for poor little Amy when she was sick as a child. The saltines and 7-up I got look like flourless chocolate cake in comparison...

SO. The reason I'm posting this is to show you the order (and gifts) I just received from Dani. I ordered the Watermelon flavor, and she also sent along some more yarn and some very dear, green stitch markers that don't photograph well.

Sunshine Yarns

Thanks, Dani! I'm so excited to start knitting it up.


Blogger DancingFish said...

I hope you are feeling better! I can't wait to see what you do with that great yarn =)

Blogger Dani said...

Yay! Glad you got the yarn :) I hope you have fun with it... I think it comes out the best on 1's or 2's FYI. I hope you are feeling better! We need to chat this weekend... I'll give you a call!

Anonymous Lee Anne said...

So sorry you have been sick lately and hope your feeling better!

Love the yarn and can't wait to see it all knitted up. :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you're feeling better. I hate getting sick, so much so that the mere feeling of a flu coming on can practically give me a panic attack. Neurotic, I realize.

Pretty yarn - socks I assume? I still have 2 skeins of koigu burning a hole in my stash...I think it's my lame fear of kitchener stitch that thwarts me.

Blogger Ashley said...

Man that Amy's no-chicken is ASS. And I say that as a lover of all things Amy's.

hope you're feeling better--I was sickly this weekend too and it was no fun--but at least you finished your socks! yay!

PS My blogger verification word for this post is "nsfzooo". Appropriately sneeze-like.

Anonymous sweetbasil said...

The yarn looks awesome!!

Hope you are feeling better. I would make chicken soup for you only if I lived close to you. Sigh..


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