Sep 25, 2005

Mum's the Word: Nursery Booty

Happy Fall.

On the way back from visiting Natalie, we stopped at a nursery to look at fall annuals. Look what I scored!

Mum's the Word: Happy Fall

When I returned home, I had some leftover pizza, watched crime dramas, and finished the first of the pair of Rock Star Hiking Socks:

Rock Star Sock

Notice how the foot looks way different than earlier? Well, I was winging the toe-up knitting method, messed up the gusset, and decided to rip out those cute stripes in a moment of impatience. I expect to reknit them in the next sock, since he likes to wear mismatched socks anyway. You'll see, it's gonna be cool.


Anonymous elisa said...

I think the sock is cool already!

And seriously - leftover pizza and crime dramas? Sweet.

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Ha! You don't even know... The soundtrack to Cold Case was all Johnny Cash.


Blogger Ashley said...

I watched that Cold Case last night! It is amazing how crime drama fills my life these days--to the point where, when I was cleaning my car after taking my dog to the vet yesterday, I caught myself thinking about whether I was leaving behind forensic evidence. Sigh. Time to make some friends who don't live inside the TV.

The socks look warm and comfy--the stripes are great!

Blogger Dani said...

LOVE the sock :) I love that colorway and they look perfect for hiking!

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

the sock is soooo cute!!!you did a great job for winging it:) the mums are beautiful!!! wish it was fall here in big H we had record highs yesterday... ick... on thursday a cold front hits... the hight is expected to be 88... can't wait:)


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