Oct 12, 2005


To celebrate the First Wearing of the Scarves* (and because I can't show you my current WIP), I present to you a really old FO:


The colors are a little wacky 'cos I had to use my flash on this gray day. It's stump embroidery from a kit that I bought years ago at a stitching conference. I can't seem to find it on the 'net, but if you're interested, leave a comment and I'll do some more research. It was fun to do, but I'm somewhat blind from reading too many Trixie Belden** books in the semi-dark when I was a child, so I don't think it's my favorite stitching medium. Maybe if there was such a craft as Giant Stump...

Anyway, I'm 'stumped' (hahahahaha) about what to do with it. It's about 4x6", linen. I thought about framing it in some other linen and making a pillow, but you know I have these obsessive pets and once they discovered those tiny beads, it would all be over (along with their lives). I guess I could frame it, but I like to touch the silk satin stitches when I'm stressed out and I think no matter what you lose the sense of texture when you put it behind glass.

*timed very close to the beginning of Jacket Migration Season#
**a much more punk-rock and all-around cooler girl sleuth than that b!tch Nancy Drew
#cold enough in the morning for a jacket, but warm enough in the afternoon to be forgotten in the office until the next morning, which is cold enough for a jacket...


Blogger Ashley said...

Trixie Belden ROCKED OUT.

But you know, old-school Nancy Drew, before they started redacting her in the 50s, I think, was just as bad-ass--there was no stupid Ned, she was much more outspoken, etc. etc. A friend of mine has a whole dissertation on it.

Sadly I hae no craft advice for you, only boring literary disquisitions.

Anonymous Sweetbasil said...

How about making a small pouch or a small bag? It would make a wonderful organizer for embroidery items, too: a wrapping style organizer which houses an embroidery scissor, needle, small ruler etc for travel?

Blogger Esther said...

I think it is the perfect size for a pocket on a knitted sweater - that way you could pick the yarn and base the design on your pocket. You might even work some of the embroidery on the collar or cuff - what do you think?


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