Nov 20, 2005

Open House

Today is Day 2 of two open houses this weekend. Teak and Madeline - my housemate Cookie's cat - were soooo lucky yesterday. A family showed up right at noon, before I had a chance to put them in their carriers and carry them away. I made a last-minute decision that it would be more obtrusive to carry them and their litter boxes out than to just leave them sleeping on the bed.

Did they stay sleeping on the bed? No, of course not. As soon as prospective buyers opened up the attic, they apparently ran up and hid (the attic is the most no-no spot in the house for them because it's so dirty and insulate-y). When I arrived home after a nice dinner with a couple of friends later that night, they were very dirty and very tired. Teak was so tired that I had him model Branching Out, which is now over 30 repeats. He repaid me by walking all over the bathroom with his wet and dirty feet so I had to clean it again this morning when I woke up.

Long Day

Today they weren't so lucky. I captured them and brought them to work with me. It's been nearly an hour. Madeline hasn't budged from her crate but Teak has already taken a full tour - twice - and fallen asleep in an empty computer box. After, of course, picking up every cobweb and bit of dirt left by grad students of yore.

so THIS is where you hang out all day

This process is very stressful. That's really all I can say coherently about it right now.


Blogger the knitrider said...

thanks for your nice comments on my FEFI! it is definately gratifying to finish a wearable nice sweater..
as for the holidays, i knit last year for everyone, and i found it just not gratifying at all. we all know non knitters are very unappreciative, and on top of that i spent so much time trying to finish their projects! although i must admit i did gain a lot of experience by doing so, but hey, im selfish now!
great site btw, ill have to swing by more often!

Blogger Kristy said...

Your Branching Out is gorgeous. And your cat model has perfected that nonchalant, I-know-I'm-beautiful-I-don't-care-what-you-think attitude of all the best supermodels.

Life as a commercial real estate assistant ("we can't call you a secretary") is a nerve-wracking one. This past week, we had a guy drive a car through a $2 million vacant building. And to add to the excitement, escrow was scheduled to close on the property less than 12 hours after the accident happened. Yeah. It was nice.

Blogger DancingFish said...

Teak looks like he has the body of a llama in that last picture! I am sure it is just the shelf he is under but still! Have a great day, hope you are feeling better


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