Jan 9, 2006

Waiting to Exhale

ready for the move

We're all holding our breath over here. The closing on my PA place is the 20th. thisdayissofreakingnice that I had to go out and divide some plants and take some cuttings of my favorites, including the bleeding hearts.

THANK YOU for all your fantastic and enthusiastic good wishes on our news. We are SO EXCITED but, I have to admit, a little sad. See, there's something I haven't told most of you...

The diss isn't finished. A few weeks ago, I was offered a teaching position (TA) for the spring and after many heart-wrenching talks, Rock Star and I decided that it was best if I stayed here one more semester and really, truly wrapped things up. Then we can move forward with our lives without this crap hanging around and clouding up the future.

So I'm settling the sale of my house at the end of this month, then moving into a truly craptastic apartment for the semester. Not being comfortable in my home environment should help speed the writing phase.

I hadn't written about it here yet, I guess because it's more final when one puts it in writing. And it's final now that I've returned to my big, empty home with no cat, no dog, and no boy.

At least I have my cuttings.



Blogger Chris said...

Sniff. *hug*

Well, I guess it should help speed the writing, but ick anyway!

Blogger Ashley said...

Oh, bummer, Amanda. Well, look: you'll be so happy once you get it done that you won't even remember four months of dog/boy/catlessness. Trust me--it will be like the entire world is off your shoulders.

And in the meantime, you can sit back and appreciate how lucky you are that Rock Star can get on board with you needing to be in different places for a while--as someone who, as it turned out, didn't have that kind of partner support, trust me on this too: you are lucky lucky lucky.

Plus, you are smart and crafty, and you have bleeding hearts.

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

it will all be over soon! the plants look so happy in the jars of water.... good luck with the close ;)

Blogger Dani said...

I know you are bummed, but I think it will really help modivate you. And, it sounds like you will have a nice empty, quiet place to work. Just remember all the things you want to do once you are done, and you'll be fine. I know its also selfish, but you are still closer to me, and that makes me happy :) Love the beautiful plants :)


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