Jan 12, 2006


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Blogger Chris said...

Yowza. That's pretty twisted.

Blogger carrie said...

ugh. mine is "i'll live and die by suicide." not good!

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

mine was pretty lame! i like the "hardcore" refrence :)

Blogger Ashley said...

Heh--I got the same thing. We can be softcore (double heh) together.

Blogger Dani said...

oh man, I won't even ask! I need to go take the quiz I guess. I hope you had a wonderful time at the ball :) we really did want to be there!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mine was "I wish I could bring the spice girls CD with me".

Hope everything is going well with your move - it sucks that you and Rock Star still have to do the long distance thing for awhile longer.

Re: my fall off my stairs - I'm feeling surprisingly spry today.

You know how some dogs have a sense about people (sick, sad, hurt etc)? Not mine. Once I got the wet nose bump and a lick to determine that I was not dead, she brought her ball over for me to throw (after I had dragged myself to the futon to lay down). I guess she thought that was a good opportunity to play since I didn't seem to be busy.


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