Mar 27, 2006

I think Spring has sprung


(for all my metric friends...)

I cast on the Prairie Tunic last night and made several shoudknowbetter mistakes that I will talk about in detail later. Not because YOU will make them, but because I will forget what a ding dong I am before I have to do something similar again.


Blogger lori said...

I failed to mention the 3 (three) cast on attempts before I got going on mine!! I was having serious difficulties with the whole counting thing!!

Blogger Chris said...

Wow. 57F... They're saying maybe later this week we'll see that.

Blogger LotusKnits said...

I had lace encounters of the third kind, but after ripping back and writing down the pattern, I was moving along a little better. Doesn't mean my waist decreases are even though...

Blogger Kathy said...

Yay for spring! We've had 70 this year, but a few days after that we had a blizzard. Ah, the joy of spring in Colorado!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are still in the single digits here (Celsius of course) - but that's balmy for this time of year.

BIL's girlfriend had to fly in from NFLD a day early on monday...because they are getting 35 cm (14 inches) of snow today!

Blogger Debbie said...

Yay for spring! It's spring here in Iowa, too, but that means warm one day, cold rain/snow/sleet ick the next, and gray windy the next and so on. We were supposed to get "peeks" of sunshine today, but I never saw any.


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