May 11, 2006

"911. What is your emergency?"

"Somebody is sending me subliminal messages in the night."

The following is a true story.

Rock Star called me yesterday to say that he awoke the night before, at 2:17 am. There was a car driving veeeerrrry slowly through our completely residential neighborhood. A woman was speaking softly into a bullhorn in a monotone, giving God-Knows-What message to the slumbering suburbanites.

Is there an important local election coming up? Does she want to save souls? Is she trying to sell something?

Most importantly, has Rock Star already fallen prey to her middle-of-the-night chanting without even knowing it?!

I just returned from lunch with one of my former housemates, G-dog. When I told her the story, she said, "Wow. I don't even know what to do with that information."

Which is how I feel. Now I'm passing this along to you in the hopes of diffusing that nagging creepy feeling I've had for the past day.


Blogger Ashley said...

That is just plain creeptastic. I'm thinking twice about coming to visit you this summer. (Kidding. Kind of.)

Blogger jennysbelly said...

How bizarre! But then again, nothing suprises me anymore of people in the Lehigh Valley. . . and I'm originally from NY!

Blogger Chris said...

Let's whistle the X-files theme all together now, shall we?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome to Evanston! All the freaks and weirdos that would never survive in downtown Chicago all come up here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh hey that anonymous comment was me.

Could you send me the contact info for your real estate agent when you get a chance? I have a couple of friends looking to buy a place :)

Looking forward to seeing you soon!


Blogger janna said...

Is Rock Star positive he was actually awake? Maybe it was just some weird too-real dream (that's what I'm hoping, anyway!)

Blogger Steph said...

That's creepy.
I don't know which I'd rather:
a) Subliminal late-night weight-loss messages (Look, if I was in charge, my mega-phone lady would be telling me not to eat the chocolate)

b) Drunken pubsters staggering home and comparing notes on phone numbers given and received and then peeing on the tree on my front lawn..

Blogger hamster_grrl said...

Maybe she was trying to beckon all the neighbourhood pets to follow her out to the countryside, or lead any rats out of town, like the pied piper.

I have 2 questions:

1) What did she say?

2) How does one "speak softly" into a megaphone?

Blogger MeBeth said...

Spooky - did it look like one of those government k-cars? I can just hear it - "your president is not a moron."

Blogger Catherine Kerth said...

thats really creepy! if ir happens again someone should get the license plate number.....


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