May 3, 2006

Can I have $20,000

for this?

Maybe I should start a send amandamonkey to Middle Earth campaign... I would totally blog about it!

::muses on the sorts of textiles they must make::


Blogger Chris said...

Heh, I've read more than one sci fi series about living inside the earth...

Blogger Ashley said...

I'm TOTALLY going with you.

1) Have you read Frankenstein? This makes me think of poor Robert Walton and his doomed trip to the Hyperborean Zone. I like thinking that there is still something to discover int he world.

2) Have you seen the mivioe The Core? Sooooo bad, yet pleasantly craptastic in the way that all the actors involved clearly realized how crappy the movie was, and managed to inject just enough irony to make it watchable if you're home alone on a saturday night. Anyway my point is that duh, the earth is not hollow--it's full of giant purple crystals!

Blogger amandamonkey said...

Is it bad that I called the number to try and convince them that they need a geologist to join the expedition?

According to the answering service, my message is apparently being passed along to the relevant parties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like they need some people with letters after their, I'm a stable isotope geochemist, doing a phd studying a large husband is an environmental engineer prof(hydrology). Put in the good word for us, willya?


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